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Discover the Best Pickleball Courts in Atlanta

If you're an avid pickleball enthusiast or someone looking to try out this exciting sport, Atlanta is a city that offers a multitude of options when it comes to pickleball courts. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, there are various locations throughout Atlanta and its surrounding areas where you can enjoy the thrill of pickleball. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top pickleball court destinations in Atlanta, including both the city itself and the wider Metro Atlanta area. Let's dive in!

Pickleball Courts in Atlanta

  1. Newtown Park: Located at 3150 Old Alabama Rd in Johns Creek, Newtown Park boasts four dedicated pickleball courts. With its well-maintained facilities, this park is an excellent choice for pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels.

  2. Sharon Springs Park: Situated at 1950 Sharon Rd in Cumming, Sharon Springs Park offers four pickleball courts. The park's serene surroundings and ample parking make it a great destination for pickleball players seeking a pleasant playing environment.

  3. Piedmont Park: Nestled at 400 Park Dr NE in Atlanta, Piedmont Park features two pickleball courts. As one of Atlanta's most iconic parks, Piedmont Park provides a vibrant atmosphere and is perfect for combining pickleball with other recreational activities.

  4. Bitsy Grant Tennis Center: Conveniently located at 2125 Northside Dr NW in Atlanta, Bitsy Grant Tennis Center houses two pickleball courts. Known for its well-maintained facilities and friendly staff, this center offers a welcoming environment for pickleball players.

  5. South Fulton Tennis Center: Found at 5645 Mason Rd in Atlanta, the South Fulton Tennis Center offers four pickleball courts. With its spacious courts and modern amenities, this center caters to both tennis and pickleball enthusiasts.

  6. Blackburn Tennis Center: Situated at 3501 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE in Atlanta, Blackburn Tennis Center features two pickleball courts. Alongside its tennis facilities, the center provides opportunities for pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport.

Pickleball Courts in the Metro Atlanta Area

  1. JW James Park (Acworth): Located at 3330 Cobb Pkwy NW in Acworth, JW James Park boasts six pickleball courts. This park is known for its well-maintained facilities and welcoming community of players.

  2. Stone Mountain Tennis Center (Stone Mountain): Situated at 1130 Stonewall Jackson Dr in Stone Mountain, the Stone Mountain Tennis Center offers four pickleball courts. With its picturesque surroundings, this center provides a delightful setting for playing pickleball.

  3. East Roswell Park (Roswell): Found at 9000 Fouts Rd in Roswell, East Roswell Park features six pickleball courts. The park's well-designed facilities and ample playing space make it a popular choice among pickleball enthusiasts in Roswell.

  4. Murphey Candler Park (Brookhaven): Located at 1551 W Nancy Creek Dr NE in Brookhaven, Murphey Candler Park offers six pickleball courts. With its beautiful park setting and multiple courts, this destination is ideal for pickleball players seeking a spacious and enjoyable experience.

Sandy Springs Pickleball Courts

  1. Hammond Park: Situated at 705 Hammond Dr NE in Sandy Springs, Hammond Park offers two pickleball courts. This park provides a relaxed atmosphere and a great opportunity to engage in pickleball games.

  2. Morgan Falls Overlook Park: Located at 200 Morgan Falls Rd in Sandy Springs, Morgan Falls Overlook Park features four pickleball courts. With its scenic location along the Chattahoochee River, this park offers a serene environment

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