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Technical Review: Head Gravity Tour Pickleball Paddle - Precision, Power, and Cutting-Edge Tech

Having thoroughly play tested the Head Gravity Tour Pickleball Paddle, I am excited to share my in-depth technical review of this exceptional paddle, which incorporates innovative technologies to enhance your performance on the court.

Graphite Carbon Face Technology

The Gravity Tour features Head's Graphite Carbon face technology, which utilizes high-quality graphite materials for exceptional performance. This advanced technology ensures a responsive and consistent hitting surface, allowing for precise shot placement and control. The graphite face provides excellent feedback, allowing players to feel the ball's contact and execute accurate shots with confidence.

Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

At the core of the Gravity Tour lies a polypropylene honeycomb structure, which contributes to the paddle's remarkable power and responsiveness. This cutting-edge core technology enhances the paddle's ability to absorb and distribute impact energy, providing players with excellent power on shots. The polypropylene honeycomb core ensures a solid and consistent feel, enabling players to execute powerful drives and smashes effortlessly.

Optimized Weight Distribution

The Gravity Tour paddle features an optimized weight distribution that strikes a perfect balance between maneuverability and stability. This well-designed weight distribution allows for quick reactions and precise shot placement, particularly during fast-paced exchanges. The evenly distributed weight across the paddle provides excellent control, enabling players to finesse their shots with ease.

Comfort Grip System

Head has incorporated a Comfort Grip System into the Gravity Tour, offering players a comfortable and secure hold. This system features a cushioned grip that minimizes vibrations and impact, reducing hand fatigue during intense matches. The comfortable grip enhances control and confidence, allowing players to focus on their game without distraction.

Predictable Ball Contact and Control

The Gravity Tour paddle delivers predictable ball contact and exceptional control. The combination of the graphite carbon face and polypropylene honeycomb core ensures a solid hitting surface, resulting in consistent shot performance. This paddle's responsive nature allows players to accurately gauge the ball's contact, providing them with precise control and the ability to strategically maneuver the ball.

Powerful Shot Execution

With its advanced technologies, the Gravity Tour paddle enables players to generate impressive power on their shots. The combination of the responsive hitting surface, optimized weight distribution, and solid core construction allows for explosive shot execution. Whether unleashing powerful smashes or executing aggressive drives, the Gravity Tour delivers the necessary force without compromising control.

Spin-Enhancing Surface

The Gravity Tour paddle incorporates a spin-enhancing surface, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy adding spin to their shots. The textured graphite face provides exceptional grip on the ball, allowing for enhanced spin control. This feature enables players to execute a wide range of spin shots, such as topspin lobs and slice shots, adding versatility and complexity to their game.


The Head Gravity Tour Pickleball Paddle is a remarkable choice for players seeking precision, power, and cutting-edge technologies. With its Graphite Carbon face technology, polypropylene honeycomb core, optimized weight distribution, Comfort Grip System, predictable ball contact, powerful shot execution, and spin-enhancing surface, this paddle offers an exceptional playing experience. Whether you're an intermediate player looking to elevate your game or an advanced player seeking a competitive edge, the Gravity Tour delivers impressive performance on the pickleball court.

Note: Paddle preferences can vary among players, and it's advisable to try out the paddle personally to assess its compatibility with your playing style and preferences.

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